1000 Bay Street Toronto

Client: Cresford

Architect: architectsAlliance

Status: Built

Phases: Rezoning, Schematic Design, Marketing, Design Development

This condominium development is located in downtown Toronto at the corner of Bay Street and St. Joseph et the edge of University of Toronto’s downtown campus and even more significantly across from St. Basel’s Church lending the proposal a tower-on-the-park scenario.

Working with As-Of-Right massing, the development at 1000 Bay seeks to maximize the site’s allowable density. The definitive zoning boundary immediately suggests a rather tall podium volume with a squat tower volume perched above. Instead the massing was divided vertically in order to re-proportion the building to a mid-rise and high-rise composition. The lower volume is articulated with a consistent treatment of wrap-around balconies with clean consistent geometry. The high-rise volume on the other hand has a phrenetic quality with its varying balcony depths on three of its elevations supported at its base by a 4-storey high glazed lobby that faces the green space of the church immediately across the street.